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DevelopmentFree FTP client: how to use FileZilla

If you do not know how to use FileZilla, then after reading this article will be able to configure FileZilla, as well as download the necessary files to the server.

Configuring FileZilla

To begin with, what time you are reading this article, we explain why this program is not required: download / jump through the files of FTP. After you install and run the program automatically selects the language. If necessary, you can install the language by selecting Edit, then Settings, in the window that appears, click on the left of Language, and then English:

DevelopmentHow to change favicon in uCoz

What is favicon.ico and it look like? It's very simple! Basically, when you go to some one online resource, before the name in particular is a small logo that is what it is, the same "favicon.ico". Owners of sites located in uCoz system wants to see their logo instead of the default logo by uCoz.

DevelopmentHow to remove "My site" label in the header

When creating a site in uCoz automatically appears on "My site" in the title. Many kept asking, how to remove the label from the site of my web site at uCoz. In this article I will answer this question.

DevelopmentAvoiding errors in developing website

Any content management system (CMS) has its advantages and disadvantages. Web development platform uCoz not require any special knowledge and skills. Therefore, the system is very popular among novice web builders. This article is intended to help beginners avoid errors with the display of pages on their sites because of imperfections in the individual components of the engine uCoz.

After registration, the site of activation of individual modules, create stickers and the like You get a ready tool for information and its provision of visitors your site. Nevertheless, the basic and advanced settings Informer, modules, and the whole project are not always available for use. As a result, visitors are provided with "curves" of the page with a lot of mistakes.

DevelopmentDebugging with firebug

Firebug is a required plug-in for web developers. Now I just can not imagine any normal work without this plugin. Its functionality is so broad that it is difficult to imagine that he is also free. By the way I used to use Opera and Firebug one of the key functional, thanks to which I moved to Firefox. So a brief overview of the features.