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uCozCommon settings in uCoz. Full description

Sites created in uCoz system easily configurable and flexible to use. They can be customizable for many purposes. However, many novice users, not finding the internet a detailed description of parameter settings, begin to act solely by scientific spear. In order to fill this gap, I decided to write this guide.

uCozDescription uCoz modules

In this article you will find a brief description of each module uCoz. This article may be useful for both novice and experienced users of the system uCoz. It is extremely important to understand what is suited for a particular module that would avoid misunderstandings, and not lose valuable time to develop a website.

uCozAbout uCoz

As a SaaS platform that includes hosting and content management system, uCoz takes control of the hardware projects. Thus, the user does not need to delve into the administration of the server that hosts its sites. In the case of using the services of hosting companies responsible for the availability and affordability of the project is largely borne by the customer and increases depending on the nature of these services (virtual hosting, virtual server, server rental).