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How to change favicon in uCoz

What is favicon.ico and it look like? It's very simple! Basically, when you go to some one online resource, before the name in particular is a small logo that is what it is, the same "favicon.ico". Owners of sites located in uCoz system wants to see their logo instead of the default logo by uCoz.

The size of icons favicon must be 16x16 or 32x32 pixels, extension - .ico. If you already have this icon , you can skip this step, and if not, you can make it through this service.

Once you have drawn or generated an icon from an image, just download it to the root of the site through the File Manager or via FTP. The icon must be available at http://your_website_URL/favicon.ico. If you did everything correctly, but the icon is not displayed or displayed the standard , do not panic, just wait a bit or clear the browser cache

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